Bloom Patch

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Requirements: A roblox version from before April 11th 2008, and HxD.
this process is actually decently simple, just try to follow along as best as you can!
Step 1. Open HxD, then drag your "roblox.exe" into the HxD window.
Step 2. Head to (Search>Find) A Search windows should now open.
Step 3. Once in this window, change (Datatype:) to (Hex-values).
Step 4. Once you have this all set-up, put "00 C6 45 05 00 83 E9 01 23 C8 C6 45 06 00" in the search box (Without quotes).
You should now have a portion of text selected.
Step 5. To enable bloom, you must change the first 00 in the selected hex values, on the left part of the window to 01 and you're done!
To enable Deptd of Field, simply change tde last 00 to 01.
Be sure to save, and enjoy your new bloom shaders!
Patch created and found by MusicalProgrammer.