ioEnabled Patch

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Requirements: A roblox version before the hash 75b6660b4b7a40fe, and the latest snapshot of x64dbg.
Step 1. When you have downloaded x64dbg, open it and extract the folder "release".
Step 2. Drag the roblox executable/application onto x96dbg. It may ask for administrator privileges, allow it to have them. x32dbg should now open.
Step 3. When first opening x32dbg, your title bar should say its on ntdll.dll, Press F9 only once, the titlebar should say RobloxApp.exe or Roblox.exe
Step 4. Press the find strings button, indicated by an "Az" graphic on the top bar. Wait for it to finish loading strings.
Step 5. In the bar that says "Type here to filter results... type in "ioEnabled". You should see a string by the same name.
Step 6. Scroll up alittle and you should see a push, followed by a single letter or number. In my case it is 4, and change it from "push 4" to "ret" with no 4 at the end.
Step 7. There should be a Patches icon in x32dbg, indicated by a Band-Aid. Click this, then click "Patch File". Now you must name the file, i recommend Robloxpatch.exe (You can change this later)
You should be done now! You can close everything out, then open your patched file.
Patch found by Coke and Lucia.